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1. For Corporate / Office workers

Your body just isn’t designed for sitting. In fact, your body is designed for hunting, gathering, and generally being active most of the day. Prolonged sitting combined with the chronic stress of deadlines, mounting workloads and long hours can have significant effects on your health.
Sitting all day can result in muscle stiffness, poor balance and mobility, as well as pain in your lower back, neck and hip. Some find that headaches and migraines result after long periods spent at the desk under stress.
We see more and more people with postural problems like forward head carriage, round shoulders and rotated hips, related with time spent at their office jobs. These conditions can result in needing to take time off work, or being distracted and less productive as what you feel you should be.
The effects of sitting can be accumulative. With time this may lead to bigger problems, which get harder and harder to deal with. Fortunately, being proactive by seeking care early and making some simple changes to your lifestyle may help prevent small problems turning into bigger ones.

2. For Active Lifestyle

We strongly believe in the importance of healthy lifestyles. We love being able to keep people active and at their best, whether they’re top-notch runners, gym junkies or yogis, or casual walkers or soccer players.
Athletes of all abilities see chiropractors for a range of reasons. Some see us to get their body in balance and working more efficiently, as they feel they can run faster, stretch further and get the edge on their competition. Others see us to prevent or deal with injuries; perhaps to feel younger, sharper or more mobile, letting them keep on enjoying the active lifestyle they love.
A healthy lifestyle helps you be your best.

3. For Pregnant Women

Visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy can help you combat many of  the hurdles of pregnancy with greater ease. Many pregnant women come  to see us because of the aches, pains and general uncomfortableness  that often arise from the big hormonal and postural changes that go  along with pregnancy. The vast majority of pregnant women will have  some degree of back or neck pain during their pregnancy, symptoms  which will often persist well after birth. Chiropractic care has been  shown to be safe for both mother and unborn children, and shown to  result in a less stressful pregnancy and less uncomfortable delivery.

4. And for the Kids?

At any age, if our spine creates nerve interference, our body may stop  functioning as well as it should. Our brain constantly talks to our  body through our nervous system, but if these messages become fuzzy,  distorted or damaged then we will experience all sorts of  communication errors.

For babies and children, this ineffective communication may show up as  a wide variety of signs and symptoms. While chiropractic may be able  to help with a number of health issues, at QV CHIRO our focus is not  treating or curing specific symptoms of the baby or child; our focus  is ensuring the nervous system has every opportunity to work  efficiently and effectively.

5. For common conditions

Aches and pains aren’t meant to be a part of life. Even minor symptoms  are signals that something isn’t working right. Feeling uncomfortable  or out-of-whack can happen when your body has been under more stress  than it can handle – whether it’s physical, chemical or psychological  stress.

The majority of people who see us at QV CHIRO choose to see us even  when they are feeling good, as maintaining a properly functioning  spine and nervous system. That said, it often takes a crisis to  trigger many people to see a chiropractor for the first time.